• May 9, 2018

BISTel, SK Hynix & Qorvo Lead Industry Panel on A.I. for Intelligent Manufacturing at the ConFab


BISTel, SK Hynix & Qorvo Lead Industry Panel on A.I. for Intelligent Manufacturing at the ConFab

BISTel, SK Hynix & Qorvo Lead Industry Panel on A.I. for Intelligent Manufacturing at the ConFab 1024 576 BISTel

Market leaders discuss how artificial intelligence, Big Data, IIoT and advanced trace analytics accelerate manufacturing effectiveness and the bottom line

April 30, 2018 SANTA CLARA, Calif., USA

BISTel, a leading provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions for smart factory, will join leading executives from Qorvo and SK Hynix to discuss trends and opportunities in artificial intelligence (A.I.) at the ConFab.  The ConFab is the semiconductor industry’s annual event where top executives come together to share insight, opinion and best strategies on the technologies, trends and drivers shaping the $400 billion global chip industry.

On day one of the ConFab, Mr. Tom Ho, President of BISTel America joins Mr. Han-Joo Lee, Vice President of System Engineering, and Manufacturing Intelligence at SK Hynix and Mr. Howard Witham, Vice President of Texas Operations, Qorvo to showcase a panel onartificial Intelligence, Big Data and advanced trace analytics and how these technologies will greatly improve production efficiency.

Greater device complexity is creating access to more manufacturing data than ever before. This, coupled with the adoption of technologies around Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data is enabling manufacturers to transform this new-found wealth into actionable manufacturing intelligence that increases production efficiencies, creating the smart connected factory or industry 4.0.

“We are honored to be asked to lead a panel on manufacturing intelligence with industry leaders SK Hynix and Qorvo,” commented W.K. Choi President & CEO, BISTel.  “AI and big data are definitely two key drivers through which smart manufacturers will be able to predict the quality of a product well before it reaches production. For us, this is just the starting point and will soon to be followed by a wave of analytical and predictive capabilities that allows engineers to predict and resolve issues before they occur thanks in large part to embedded human knowledge and autonomous control.”

A.I., Trends & Opportunities, ConFab Panel, May 21
The Confab’s A.I. panel will be an interactive session and audience participants will get an opportunity to tap panel expertise on a wide range of manufacturing intelligence topics. Besides A.I., panelists will discuss how the semiconductor industry can improve with increased integration and better analytics, while addressing concerns around data security, and collaboration across the supply chain.

About the Confab
For more information the ConFab panel A.I., Tends and Opportunities, visit http://theconfab.com/2018-conference/2018-agenda/

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