• July 17, 2018

BISTel, Nominated one of Top 25 Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers

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BISTel, Nominated one of Top 25 Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers

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In APAC CIO Outlook’s latest edition (June, 2018), BISTel was featured as one of the leading companies which are delivering innovative manufacturing technology solutions.

Manufacturing is undergoing a massive transformation to Industrie 4.0. The rapidly evolving manufacturing environment has provided a wide range of opportunities that allow companies to optimise operations and derive new business values from leveraging data and information across the enterprise. To make this happen, manufacturers must first converge their OT(operational technologies) and IT(information technologies) and transform their operations and business models to align with Industrie 4.0.

Addressing such requirements of the modern manufacturing environment, BISTel has provided cutting-edge technologies and solutions that help customers work towards increased operational efficiencies and continuous optimization. BISTel strives to fulfil its vision to offer a comprehensive solution suite to make their customers possible to achieve total intelligent manufacturing. As one of the plans to achieve this, BISTel initiated the release of Health Monitoring and Prediction (HMP).

Download the article to read more about how BISTel helps their customers on their journey towards smart manufacturing with leading-edge solutions and the full June edition here: https://bit.ly/2NTYCgC


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