Comprehensive Data Analytic Platform

About eDataLyzer

Equipment Data Analyzer

In the manufacturing environment, there is an abundance of data. Whether it is MES data for tracking production or yield data showing production effectiveness, data always plays an importance role in your day-to-day operations. The ability to effectively leverage this data and transform it into intelligent information helps manufacturers reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

eDataLyzer (eDL) is an advanced analytic platform designed to perform complex analysis on the plethora of manufacturing data available to help engineers get the answers they need. The solution’s advanced data collection capability seamlessly gathers data from a number of data sources (including Big Data) and organizes it into a unified structure for analysis. Engineers have a choice of several innovative analytic options within eDataLyzer to approach analysis from different angles. These options can be used standalone or in combination to provide the fastest and the most accurate root cause results possible.

Key Features

Advanced data collection

Ability to gather and organize data of any type (Big Data, DB, files) and from anywhere

Flexible analytic platform

Engineers can utilize one or combinations of any modular analytic functions (IntelliMine, Map Analysis, and Trace Analysis)to solve complex problems

User-friendly interface

Get to the answer quickly by using the wizard-based interface

Integrates with BISTel solution suite

Compatible with all BISTel EES to provide the most complete analytic platform on the market