Improve Factory Productivity and OEE

About eMPA

Equipment Monitoring and Performance Analyzer on PeakPerformance™Framework

In high-tech manufacturing where the initial equipment investment is high, achieving maximum equipment utilization and optimizing throughput are critical components of the overall ROI calculation. However, this is difficult to do due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. Engineers often do not have the time or the tool to properly identify equipment utilization improvement opportunities.

The PeakPerformance™ eMPA (equipment Monitoring and Performance Analyzer) is a tool designed specifically for improving factory productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The tool provides a cycle time view of the entire process allowing engineers to easily identify opportunities to increase equipment utilization. This also includes downtime tracking to help pinpoint equipment issues that could cause productivity loss.

Key Features

State Management: RUN/DOWN Rules

Formulate custom rules to automatically start or shut down equipment based on the state of the process and sub-processes

Cycle Time Summary Reporting

Cycle time of each process is broken down and displayed in a number of intuitive formats to simplify loss analysis

Equipment Characterization

Allows performance comparison between machines and its sub-systems to isolate deficiencies in a process

SEMI Standards compliant

Industry recognized solution supporting E10-RAM, E58-ARAMS, E79-OEE, and E116-EPT