Optimal Performance Through Preventive Maintenance

About ePPM

Equipment Predictive Preventive Maintenance on PeakPerformance™Framework

A well-designed maintenance program is the key to prolonging the life of your equipment, ensuring its efficiency, and reducing unexpected downtime.

The PeakPerformance™ ePPM (equipment Preventive Maintenance) product is developed for these exact purposes.   The ePPM solution does not only help in simplifying the maintenance planning process, it also monitors the equipment’s utilization, maintenance and repair activities and automatically make adjustments to the maintenance schedule so you can be sure that the equipment will always be running in optimal condition.

Key Features

Maintenance plan template and customized workflow creation

Complete maintenance program can be developed quickly and accurately

Automatic time-based or condition-based maintenance schedule creation

Maintenance plan automatically adapts to each equipment’s changing condition

MES Integration capability

Integrates seamlessly with the MES system to support higher functions of your operation

Asset management and material management

Timely notification of potential maintenance and consumable part shortage