Framework Based Run-To-Run Control Platform

About eR2R

Equipment Run-to-Run Process Control on PeakPerformance™Framework

The fundamental goal of high volume manufacturing is to repeatedly produce the same high-quality product with no variations. Theoretically, this is achievable as long as the same equipment and recipe are used for the production of the same product. However, process drifts always occur from production run to production run, even with the same equipment using the same recipe variables. These process drifts, often caused by wear and tear of equipment components, could negatively impact product quality and yield efficiency.

PeakPerformance™ eR2R (equipment Run-to-Run) is a sophisticated run-to-run Advanced Process Control application that addresses this issue. The eR2R solution monitors the equipment for process drifts and automatically make adjustments to recipe variables with its feedforward and feedback control capability to reduce process variability. By keeping process parameters stable, both product quality and production efficiency can be maintained.

Key Features

Easy Model Management

User friendly graphical Workflow Designer

Plug-in Components

Quick creation of R2R control models utilizing a library of standard functional components

Open Architecture for Fab-Wide Integration

Scalable to support run-2-run control on different fab level: equipment, chamber, lot, wafer, etc.

SEMI E133 Compliant (Process Control System)

Supports key industry standard that enables interaction and sharing of data between functional groups more effectively (i.e. R2R, FDC, etc.)