Fab-wide Recipes / Parameters Management

About eRMS

Equipment Recipe Management System on PeakPerformance™Framework

Many manufacturers rely on RECIPES to define the operating parameters (related to both equipment and materials) used in a manufacturing process. For complex products or processes, these recipes are a critical part of ensuring product quality and production efficiency. The ability to effectively manage and control recipes can provide a competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing landscape.

The PeakPerformance™ eRMS (equipment Recipe Management System) product helps to automate the management of recipes to minimize costly mistakes and increase operation efficiency. The solution provides powerful tools in helping with all aspects of recipe management, including recipe creation, recipe validation, and recipe storage & control.

Key Features

Centralized database with Remote Access capability

Global recipe database allows control no matter where you are

Flexible Recipe editor and Recipe Data Library Template

Advanced tools to help you reduce recipe development time (new or reuse)

Recipe revision control, comparison, and change history

Provides traceability of process variables and operation history

Real-time Recipe validation

Validation of recipe parameters during equipment run-time to prevent costly errors

SEMI E5 & E42 compliant

Industry recognized solution