Next Generation Data Mining Tool

About IntelliMine

Intelligent Data Mining

Complex high tech manufacturing generates vast amount of data which is collected throughout the manufacturing process.  Within this data lies the information that could help improve the production process or fix an issue.   Engineers often spend days, weeks, and even months manually sifting through this data in attempt to get the information needed.  However, the result is not guaranteed.  Commercial data mining tools can sometimes help in reducing the effort required, but only if the data set is limited in size and low in complexity.

IntelliMine (IM) is designed to address the challenging task of deriving useful information from large and complex data sets quickly and efficiently. The solution’s advance algorithm intelligently sorts through all provided data (even of different data types such as test, sensor, yield, tracking, etc.) to identify the most likely root causes for the defined problem.  Furthermore, IntelliMine has the ability to learn analytic behavior of the user and apply the captured knowledge in future analyses to provide the most relevant and accurate root cause results.

Key Features

Learning capability

IntelliMine continuously refines its domain expertise so the best analytic result possible can be provided

Root cause ranking

Analytic results are quantified and ranked to help pinpoint the root cause

Advanced algorithm

Ability to breakdown complex datasets with different data types and utilize a combination of mining techniques to improve result accuracy

Integrates with BISTel solution suite

Compatible with all BISTel EES to provide the most complete analytic platform on the market