Map Analyzer
Advanced wafermap pattern recognition and data correlation

About Map Analyzer

Pattern Recognition / Data Correlation

Semiconductor manufacturing produce thousands of wafers every day with various yield results.  Each wafer yield map provides clues on the cause of yield loss.  Engineers often labor through a large number of wafermaps every day to look for common yield patterns that could lead them to the root cause(s) for these yield losses.  The BISTel Map Analyzer solutions are designed to help with the task of sorting and analyzing wafer yield map so the root causes of yield loss can be identified quickly and accurately.

Map Analyzer – Pattern (MA-Pattern) is an advanced pattern recognition tool that sorts wafer yield maps and automatically identify common yield loss patterns.   The solution greatly reduces wafer map sorting time to minutes instead of days when the task is performed manually.  The resulting common patterns are then ranked and quantified so engineers can quickly identify high impact pattern candidates.

Map Analyzer – Correlation (MA-Correlation) takes common wafer yield map patterns and correlates them with related metrology and test measurement data to highlight the process elements that might have led to yield loss.   The solution performs both numerical and spatial correlation of wafer map metrology measurements from various process steps.  Based on the correlation, the solution not only identifies, but ranks the potential root cause candidates for any misprocessed wafers at the process level.  With this information, the engineer can choose to perform even a deeper analysis (i.e. using IntelliMine or Trace Analyzer) to determine the root cause(s) down to the sensor level.

Key Features

Advanced Pattern Recognition Algorithm

Quick identification of unique patterns without the need of a pre-determined pattern library

Quantifiable Result

Common patterns are ranked by overall yield impact or cluster-size yield impact to help engineers identify the biggest yield-ROI to solve

Dynamic Zoning

Data correlation is performed on the actual detected patterns instead of pre-defined wafermap zones to provide a more accurate signal

Map Interpolation

Sample wafer test measurements are intelligently translated into complete wafermaps so a more accurate correlation can be performed

Integrates with BISTel solution suite

Designed to work seamlessly with other eDataLyzer analytic modules (MA-pattern , IntelliMine, and Trace Analyzer)to provide a best-in-class root cause analytics solution