Equipment Engineering System

Powered by PeakPerformance™ Technology

The state of your equipment is critical to your production efficiency and product quality. To keep your equipment and your process running at their maximum capabilities, BISTel offers a comprehensive product suite designed to address all your Equipment Engineering System (EES) needs.

From real-time issue detection to preventive maintenance, there is a solution to help you in every aspect of production so you can be sure your operation is running at optimal performance.

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PeakPerformance™ Technology Platform

PeakPerformance™ is an advanced technology platform that is the foundation for the family of BISTel EES products. The common platform assures compatibility and allows for seamless integration in a multi-application EES system. In addition, the same set of powerful features and user experience are made available to you no matter which EES solution(s) you choose.

Wide-range of connectivity options to support current & legacy systems

Powerful data framework to meet today’s demanding applications

Embedded workflow engine to allow custom logic for automation of tasks

Redundancy capable for your most critical applications