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About Trace Analyzer

Full Trace Data Analysis

The traditional method to analyze raw trace data from a manufacturing process is to inspect the traces’ statistics summary (i.e.: min, max, slope, average, etc.). Even though this method is widely used, it does not always provide engineers an adequate picture of how the process behaves. Subtle variable changes such as glitches and drifts are usually not detected using the traces’ summary data. In addition, setting up the model to analyze based on summary data is labor intensive and requires domain expertise. Any changes in process conditions or product type would require the model to be updated, adding complexity to the analysis.

Trace Analyzer (TA) addresses the shortcomings of summary data analysis. The solution takes advantage of the entire raw trace for analysis to capture details on all variable changes, big and small, uncovering potential issues that might have been missed using the traditional method. Also, since full trace reference comparison is dynamically performed, there is virtual no model set up or maintenance.

Key Features

Comprehensive Full Trace Analysis

Full trace analysis identifies all subtle excursions that might have gone undiscovered by traditional limit modelling

Adaptive Reference Modelling

References dynamically change with the process, no ongoing control limit maintenance required

Root cause ranking

Analytic results are ranked to help narrow down the likely root cause

Integrates with BISTel solution suite

Compatible with all BISTel EES and analytic solutions to provide the most complete analytic platform on the market