Adaptive Intelligence for Smart-er manufacturing

Maximize Yield.
Improve Equipment Performance.
Eliminate Downtime.

BISTel solutions generate real-time data across the factory to
help manufacturers identify and prevent trouble before it happens,
pinpointing the root cause of issues before they disrupt production,
and predict when faults will occur or when equipment is likely to fail.
BISTel provides a real-time, operational view of the entire factory.

BISTel is Leading Industry 4.0

Use BISTel’s A.I. data analysis tools and EES solutions
to predict and prevent equipment failures.
Schedule predictive maintenance of assets.
Improve product reliability.

Creating the Factory of the Future – BISTel’s is creating the factory of the future,
by connecting, automating, and analyzing manufacturing data insights in the factory to make accurate and substantially better decision-making.

BISTel IoT and A.I. smart applications create real-time, actionable data, powering manufacturing productivity to new levels with Industry 4.0

Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence to Boost Manufacturing Performance

Apply data insights to improve Real-time visibility into quality and compliance data.
Reduce events that harm yield.
Lower production costs.

Significant data is generated from manufacturing assets and equipment. Although data is in abundance, operational, predictive and prescriptive analysis are not.

BISTel solutions improve the quality of equipment, and processes, and provide manufacturers with the predictive and prescriptive insights to optimize their production and increase manufacturing productivity.

What’s new at BISTel

Join BISTel at AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

November 12th, 2019|

Join BISTel at This year's AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow, November 13. BISTelはAEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019に参加致します。多くのお客様の参加をお願い致します。 BISTelは来る11月13日学術総合センター一橋記念講堂で開催される AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019に参加致します。 今年で7回目を迎えた本シンポジウムは、半導体製造工程の制御領域のエキスパートが全世界から集まる国際会議であり、 半導体製造の最新技術情報の発信地・経営者及び技術者ネットワーキングの場として重要性を増しています。 [...]

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