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BISTel and SK Telecom Announce New GrandView® Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

Press Link https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191210005963/en/BISTel-SK-Telecom-Announce-New-GrandView®-Asset A.I. Based APM is Powered by Industry Leading Metatron® IoT Platform SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BISTel, the leading supplier of engineering automation, and adaptive intelligence (A.I.) applications for smart manufacturing and SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile operator, jointly launched today the GrandView® APM on SK Telecom’s Metatron®, the industry’s leading IoT platform that enables enterprise users with domain [...]

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SKT·비스텔, 클라우드 설비관리 솔루션 ‘메타트론 그랜드뷰’ 출시

Press Link https://biz.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/12/10/2019121001025.html SK텔레콤은 공장 자동화 솔루션기업 비스텔과 함께 클라우드 기반 설비관리 솔루션 ‘메타트론 그랜드뷰(Metatron Grandview)’를 출시했다고 10일 밝혔다. 메타트론 그랜드뷰는 공장 내 주요 설비에 부착된 센서를 통해 회전수, 진동 및 전류 등 다양한 데이터를 수집, 이를 통해 설비의 현 상태와 유지보수가 필요한 시점을 실시간으로 예측해 화면에 표시해주는 솔루션이다. SK텔레콤은 일반 제조 기업을 대상으로 한 ‘메타트론 그랜드뷰’의 사전 검증에서 △AI기반의 [...]

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Join BISTel at AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Join BISTel at This year's AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow, November 13. BISTelはAEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019に参加致します。多くのお客様の参加をお願い致します。 BISTelは来る11月13日学術総合センター一橋記念講堂で開催される AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019に参加致します。 今年で7回目を迎えた本シンポジウムは、半導体製造工程の制御領域のエキスパートが全世界から集まる国際会議であり、 半導体製造の最新技術情報の発信地・経営者及び技術者ネットワーキングの場として重要性を増しています。 AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019は、「データサイエンスに基づいたデジタルツインによる価値の創造」をテーマとして、 デバイスメーカー様の前工程はもちろんのこと、後工程と技術コンテンツに深く関与しているデバイスメーカー、装置メーカー、 ソフトウェアベンダー、センサー・計測機器サプライヤーなど、業界に従事する専門家が参加し、市場動向や技術情報を交流するイベントです。 本年BISTel は、本シンポジウムのプラチナスポンサーとして参加し、 BISTel AmericaのPresidentであるTom Hoより午後12時50分からのポスター発表セッションと 午後1時55分からのプレゼンテーション発表を通じて、 お客様の成功事例を共有させていただき、Big Dataと高度なTrace Analyticsによって製造業界の生産現場にて トラブルや不良原因の原因分析時間を低減して、 生産、製造ライン運用効率を向上させる施策を説明致します。 本シンポジウムが参加者の皆様に有益な情報を得ていただく機会になることを確信し、 多くのお客様の参加をお願い致します。 BISTel、「AEC/APC Symposium Asia 2019」にプラチナスポンサーとして協賛します。 本シンポジウムの詳細情報は、こちらをご覧ください: https://www.semiconportal.com/AECAPC/index_j.html 本シンポジウムへのアクセス: https://www.semiconportal.com/AECAPC/conference_j.html

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BISTel and SK Telecom Announce Grandview® APM Powered by Metatron®

Press Link https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191031005948/en/BISTel-SK-Telecom-Announce-Grandview%C2%AE-APM-Powered A.I. Powered Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solution Eliminates Downtime, Powers Data Driven Smart Manufacturing Grandview® APM enables constant equipment uptime with real-time fault detection, classification and prediction to cut maintenance costs 10x, and extend life of equipment SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BISTel, the market leading supplier of automation, engineering and adaptive intelligence (A.I.) applications for smart manufacturing [...]

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Join BISTel at 31st APC Conference in San Antonio, Texas

BISTel once again proudly sponsoring the 31st Advanced Process Control Conference (APC), 28th~31th October in San Antonio, Texas. Find out more about our recent advances in Trace Analytics as well as industry-proven customer use cases from NXP and Qorvo this year. Find us on booth and bunch of presentations there! APC 2019 Technical Sessions Agenda Tuesday, October 29, 2019 1:00pm | Track B(Majestic Ballroom B) | [...]

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How AI-based predictive maintenance technology can save automakers and suppliers millions

October 21, 2019 – 11am (Detroit) | 5pm (Stuttgart) | 8:30pm (New Delhi) Register for this webinar Automakers today face five common challenges: productivity and quality losses due to equipment failures; high replacement cost of parts; long repair times, outdated and ineffective equipment maintenance programs and siloed production systems that create huge inefficiencies. Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (HMP) is a fully integrated [...]

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Product News: BISTel’s equipment-health-monitoring solution

Press Link https://www.smartindustry.com/industrynews/2019/product-news-bistels-equipment-health-monitoring-solution/?stage=Live BISTel introduced a cloud-based, IoT equipment health monitoring and predictive-maintenance solution that provides for continuous monitoring of the health and performance of factory equipment, pumps, motors, fans and other critical assets and showcases powerful data visualization for all users in the factory. The Equipment Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (eHMP) solution starts with five AI applications that [...]

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