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About BISTel

BISTel is creating the factory of the future, by connecting, automating, and analyzing manufacturing data insights in the factory to make accurate and substantially better decision-making, to boost factory performance and take manufacturing to another level.

We are driven by our desire to help engineers solve problems. Our customer’s value motivates us for the work we do.

Customer Focused

BISTel has provided excellence in manufacturing for almost 20 years, long and impressive track record with solid customer base globally.

Powered by the success and adoption of its (EES) products and eDatalyzer, advanced analytics platform, BISTel has achieved double digit sales growth YOY.
Today. BISTel is the number one provider of EES and advanced data analysis solutions for manufacturing customers around the world.

Since its inception in 2000

BISTel has helped customers stay competitive by

improving the way they use their data to improve their competitive edge.

BISTel solutions collect, manage, and analyze data, monitor the health of machines and equipment, optimize process flows, and identify root cause failures to mitigate risk in manufacturing.

Today, BISTel is

at the forefront of a new generation of change
sweeping through factories worldwide – Industry 4.0 for smart manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 sees a convergence of two worlds – Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). A key characteristic of this new world is the rapid increase in the number of connected devices, which is expected to increase from a few billion today to more than 1 trillion by 2030.




in Korea

in US


Industry Proven Expertise. Our leaders are the foundation we build on.

W.K. Choi
Founder & CEO
Samsung, Brooks Automation

Kyoung Jun
Chief Technology Officer
Samsung, Applied Materials

Tom Ho
President, BISTel America
AMD, HPL, MKS Instruments

DJ Cha
VP of APAC Sales
Brooks Automation

Keith Han
VP of Strategic Planning
Brooks Automation, Triant Technologies

Recent Recognition and Achievements

Best of West 2018 Winner


World Class 300

– The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) and the Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA), 2018

50 Most promising IoT Solution
Provider 2019

– CIO Review

20 Most promising IoT Solution
Provider 2020

– CIO Review

We have proven its excellence in innovative technology, and the quality of the products has been approved and trusted by customers all around the world.

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