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How intelligent is your factory?

Boost factory performance with BISTel’s Industry 4.0 ready solutions to create real-time, actionable data that prevents problems, improve quality, and eliminate equipment downtime.

Intelligent manufacturing uses the latest A.I. smart applications to allow your equipment, processes and engineers to detect, analyze and predict problems in real-time, creating huge efficiencies that transform the manufacturing ecosystem beyond the factory walls.

Industry 4.0 Intelligence Powers Wave of Productivity in Global Manufacturing

BISTel industry 4.0 solutions are transforming semiconductor, flat panel display, LED, automotive, pharmaceutical and steel manufacturing industries. The proliferation of IIoT and the advent of AI is transforming our factories, untapping a wealth of data that has the power optimize plant operations, taking engineering productivity, quality and yields to new heights.

The latest smart manufacturing applications allow manufacturers to monitor and analyze factory data 24/7. IoT, A.I. enabled solutions optimize process control for higher yields. Improve equipment performance by detecting and predicting potential equipment issues that disrupt production flow. The latest predictive analytics identify problems before they happen, prescribing solutions to optimize maintenance schedules, increase equipment utilization, preventing downtime, and substantially manufacturing productivity.

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