Electronics Assembly & PCB

Increase factory control and automation, add A.I. Smart Applications

BISTel smart manufacturing solutions help EAM and PCB makers positively impact operations and profitability. With IoT, A.I. enabled analytics, and greater partner collaboration, Intelligent solutions create transparent and plant wide improvements, extending the life of machines through predictive insights. Advanced data analysis tools mine structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable intelligence that results in better decision making across the plant, including predicting equipment failure and executing record fast root cause analysis.

Rising parts and production costs in low-cost manufacturing markets make it tough for electronics assembly and PCB producers to remain competitive.

Innovative new smart factory applications like BISTel’s Asset Performance Management solution (APM) helps customers improve plant wide efficiencies by monitoring the health and performance of equipment from creation to consumption. BISTel analytics optimize plant resources, supply chain and quality control, transforming processes and operational performance through continuous optimization.

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