Health Monitoring, Detection and Prediction

Failure to monitor your equipment 24/7 leads to poor factory wide insights and costly equipment failures 。

Downtime due to unscheduled maintenance has a huge, negative impact on manufacturing productivity. Gartner estimates machine downtime can cost as much as $300,000 per minute. To avoid costly downtime, manufacturers rely on BISTel’s real-time, intelligent health monitoring and predictive maintenance solution, which monitors equipment and processes, detects faults in production and predicts when equipment will fail. Result: Quality uptime and immense cost savings for auto manufacturers and their suppliers.

Inefficient Maintenance Scheduling

Poor maintenance scheduling and high parts replacement costs can lead low productivity across plant

Solving factory issues with intelligent A.I. solutions means connecting millions of data across factory, engineering systems, equipment, and processes. This creates real-time insights. Powerful A.I. enables predictive analytics to discover patterns and recommend solutions to the many production issues that arise in the plant throughout the day. Smart applications that evaluate machine and process performance, gather predictive analytical insights to eliminate downtime due to equipment or parts failure.

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