Flat Panel Display

Eliminate Unscheduled Downtime

In a highly competitive flat panel industry, new IoT, A.I. solutions achieve continuous yield optimization and higher productivity by increasing equipment uptime that lower production costs. As data surges, BISTel helps FPD makers achieve huge cost efficiencies by tapping into factory wide data and applying A.I. to perform data collection, data analysis and predictive analytics that evaluate production 24/7 keeping quality high, predicting equipment servicing to avoid disruptions in production.

Operational Efficiencies

Real-time Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics Improve operational efficiencies

BISTel’s new suit of A.I. smart applications embed human knowledge and incorporate machine learning algorithms to autonomously improve manufacturing effectiveness. This increases FPD production efficiency from machine to machine and across the factory floor. Data analysis and predictive analytics then help FPD makers integrate and analyze data from the factory and from external systems to create real time insights that can be acted on immediately. BISTel solutions increased machine automation creating quality products faster, more efficiently and at substantially lowers production costs.

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