LED Manufacturing

Connecting equipment across a common data platform optimizes performance from design to production.

LEDs offer unmatched energy efficiency performance, consuming 90% less power than incandescent lights. With market leading A.I. data analysis tools, LED device manufacturers are now able to increase bottom line performance, allowing customers to improve the way they make LEDs. BISTel’s solutions increase productivity with IoT, A.I. technology digitally connecting equipment across a common data platform to optimize performance from design to production.

Achieve Constant Uptime of Machines and Processes

A.I. based, real-time monitoring, advanced data analysis tools and predictive analytics combine to increase product quality and cut production costs significantly by accurately identifying problems before they occur. A new A.I. Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (HMP) solution analyzes the health and performance of equipment in real-time, then optimizes maintenance programs to increase equipment uptime.

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