Data is key to reducing risk, increasing quality and improving pharmaceutical manufacturing performance.

IoT enabled, real-time data detection, and analytics produces actionable insights that enhance pharmaceutical operations by optimizing production processes, reducing costs and improving business performance. BISTel smart applications access and gather information from equipment, processes and formerly siloed environments across the plant to create new insights that are key to achieving pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence. Real-time data produces intelligence that deliver products to market faster, with less risk, made by equipment that last longer.

Intelligent Manufacturing Makes Conditioned Based Maintenance the Norm for Pharma Manufacturing.

A.I. Equipment Health Monitoring and Predictive maintenance (HMP) detects and classifies faults in production to guard against events that cause yield loss. A.I. driven predictive maintenance application then tells you when your equipment will fail before it happens and lets you know the remaining useful life. This new approach moves customers to a more accurate conditioned based maintenance versus the more costly scheduled based approach. The result: An efficient, data driven factory with no equipment downtime, high yields and high customer satisfaction.

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