Semiconductor & Electronics

Yield Optimization

Yield optimization improves product quality
by eliminating events that harm yield.

Random or systematic defects in manufacturing cause yield loss. To prevent this, semiconductor manufacturers use BISTel’s real-time monitoring and detection solutions, deploying the most comprehensive monitoring and data analysis tools on the market. These solutions quickly detect the sources and types of yield issue then apply industry leading root cause analysis to pinpoint the failure mechanism and the underlying cause of the problem.

Process Optimization

Industry leading process optimization
keeps equipment, engineers and fabs
running at maximum performance.

A.I. enabled equipment engineering and automation solutions monitor, detect, and analyze equipment and process data in real-time, enabling customers to identify bottlenecks and other equipment problems that disrupt production. BISTel process optimization help manufacturers work more efficiently by optimizing equipment performance, engineering processes, and to improve quality, productivity, and eliminate the threat of downtime.

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