Industry 4.0 solutions power data driven, steel manufacturing productivity and quality to a higher levels than ever.

Recognizing the value of factory data to create real-time, production intelligence that boosts the bottom line. A.I. continuously monitors and analyzes factory data to identify potential problems with equipment and processes, and this helps steel makers prevent costly stoppages. By applying market leading smart applications, the industry is transforming steel manufacturing operations to improve quality, reduces costs and increase competitiveness.

Traceability and Genealogy

Complete traceability from incoming
materials to final product

Intelligent steel manufacturing means complete traceability throughout the production of furnace, stamping, hot rolling or cold rolling processes. Industry leading A.I. data analysis helps improve customers’ rolling process by quickly pinpointing the cause of ongoing surface defects, and coil size shrinkage issues. The result: Major process and quality improvements and sizeable cost reductions from reduced reworks and scraps.

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