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Yield and Root Cause Analysis

Advanced data analytics lets engineers identify the issues that impact yield

The ability to analyze production data real-time, and quickly drill down to the root cause of the problem sets BISTel apart from its competitors. Whether performing important yield analysis or optimizing wafer chamber performance, quickly analyzing data and transforming it into actionable intelligence helps manufacturers reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

BISTel’s advanced data collection capability gathers data from a number of data sources (including Big Data) organizing it into a unified structure for analysis. Engineers then choose from several innovative analytic options to quickly perform root cause analysis and identify the issues that impact yield in minutes and hours versus the weeks it takes others. For instance, its innovative new full trace wafer chamber matching application is helping semiconductor customers optimizing fleet performa­­­­­­­­­nce by analyzing variations in chamber performance to ensure the maximum yield from each chamber.

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Therefore, BISTel provides
market leading analytic solutions


eDataLyzer applications quickly
pinpoint events that impact yield

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Chamber Matching (CM) application boosts fleet performance by quickly identifying the golden chamber

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