Advanced Data Analytics Platform Improves Yield and Quality with Quick and Accurate Root Cause Analysis

Integration of various data sources into a central database

Automatically detect and classify wafer map patterns

Effortless mining of large datasets

Thorough root cause analysis utilizing full sensor trace

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Best-in-class Root Cause Analysis

Map Analyzer | MA

• Automatic grouping of wafer patterns
• Ranking of patterns based on yield impact, pattern size, etc.
• No pre-defined pattern library required

IntelliMine | IM

• Analyze quality issues using various types of data (e.g.: Yield, Etest, Metrology, Defect, etc.)
• Select the best algorithm for analysis automatically
• Streamline probable causes to improve engineer’s efficiency

Trace Analyzer | TA

• Comprehensive detection of any abnormalities on sensor traces, no matter how subtle

• Pinpoint root causes down to recipe step level

• Significant reduction in root cause analysis time

Use Case

Edge Patch Open/Short Failure Use Case

The Issue

2 wafer lots suffered edge patch power short and scan failure at the 5 and 11 o’clock position

The Analysis

Accurately Pinpointing Root Causes in Minutes

The Results

Exact Root Cause Identified in Minutes

eDataLyzer helped to quickly and accurately pinpoint the root cause of the wafer edge yield loss issue (from potentially days to minutes)

Identified Critical Yield-impacting Parameters

The solution enabled the engineer to uncover a key unmonitored parameter to be added to the critical parameter list

Minimal Resource Required

One single engineer performed the entire root cause analysis, no additional domain resources required

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