Machine Monitoring and Fault Detection


First Line of Defense Against Events That Harm Yield

Full trace data analysis eliminates drifts, glitches, and ramp rate changes with monitoring all of the data all of the time

Real-time fault detection is the first defense against events that impact quality and engineering productivity. For almost 20 years, BISTel’s real-time monitoring and detection solutions have helped keep equipment and production processes performing at their best, helping manufacturers guard against events that are harmful to yield.

Customers count on BISTel for the most comprehensive set of real-time, fault detection solutions on the market. From its industry proven Equipment Engineering Systems (EES) to award-winning, AI based, Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) solutions, BISTel’s market leading detection solutions enable manufacturers to maximize plant performance by monitoring 100 percent of the data 100 percent of the time.

Common Challenges

Therefore, BISTel provides comprehensive EES products
and award-winning fault detection solution


Next generation FDC solution using trace analytics

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Comprehensive solution suite for monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your equipment

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