Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD)

Next-Generation Fault Detection Offers Full Trace Analysis Overcoming
the Limitations of Legacy FDC Systems

Real-time full sensor trace analysis on all sensors

No limit modeling required

False alarm reduction by more than 10X

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Full Sensor Trace Fault Detection

Traditional FDC

Typical FDC systems summarize trace data at certain recipe steps : average, min, max, std dev, range, etc.

BISTel DFD (Dynamic Fault Detection)

Sensor trace data has a wealth of information, containing many nuances and details of a process that could help identify subtle yield or tool issues

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Effortless Analysis

Alarm Summary to Trace Results are Just One Click Away

Use Case

Comprehensive Fault Detection


Full Sensor Trace Coverage

Equipment : Etcher / Process : BE / Parameter : He_Flow

Traditional FDC

SPC limits were set up to monitor recipe step 3, NO ALARMS were triggered during this process

BISTel DFD (Dynamic Fault Detection)

By examining the full sensor trace, DFD was able to identify issues in all recipe steps and execute the appropriate alarms


Detection of Subtle Issues

Process: Lithography Parameter: Resist Bake Plate Temperaturev

Traditional FDC

A. Abnotmal tmepreature profile for wafers #14, # 15, #16

B. Wafers passed SPC Limits

BISTel DFD (Dynamic Fault Detection)

DFD easily identified the abnormality using trace analysis

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