Optimus Edge

IoT Edge Computing Solution for Smart Manufacturing

Optimus Eliminates Latency for Real-time Data Processing at Data Source

Industry 4.0 is fueling the exponential growth in data volume within a manufacturing plant allowing manufacturers to greatly improve product quality and productivity. To optimize this increase in data and achieve the strategic benefits, customers need the right tools, processes and technical expertise which most organizations currently lack today. BISTel’s new Optimus edge computing solution solves this problem. It is the industry’s first IoT edge solution that provides access to a wealth of smart manufacturing applications to detect and classify faults real-time and perform best-in-class data analysis of large data as it is being created, eliminating lag time. Most importantly, the Optimus edge computing solution enables real-time data processing without latency to remove bottlenecks common in today’s production environment. By enabling large amounts of data to be processed near the data source, customers can now reduce Internet bandwidth constraints. This helps to manage large amounts of critical data more efficiently, eliminate costs and to ensure that smart applications can be deployed effectively in remote locations.

Typical Optimus Edge Architecture

Edge Detector
Model: K1130A

Server that processes data close to the network edge where data is generated in a Industrial field

  • Apply High-Speed Storage drives to perform data collection and pre-processing functions
  • Configuration optimized for data detection, parsing, processing, and pre-processing algorithms
  • Low power edge computing solution such as IoT gateway and Edge Server with high performance Intel Atom C3000 processor
  • Apply SATADOM for OS boot and 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD expandable
  • Available with WiFi module and 3G LTE module
  • Improves performance and efficiency of platform solutions by providing a software support base for data encryption and compression through Intel QuickAssist Technology(QAT)

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